Storm damage clean-up.Feeding the branches into the chipper.Storm damage clean-up.Storm damage clean-up.Storm damage clean-up.Feeding a log into the chipper.
Working around the wires.Climbing a tree above wires.Climbing a tree.Trimming a Willow tree.The crew pulling the rope.Removing a large tree above the house.
Removing a large tree using a bucket-truck and ropes.Using the ropes to bring down branches.Removing the top branches.Climbing to the top of the tree.Using the rope to pull a branch down.Using the rope to lower a branch onto the roof.
Removing the trunk of the tree.Cutting up the trunk of the tree.Loading large logs using the crane-truck.Loading large trunk pieces onto the crane.Large tree trunk piece.Loading large tree trunk piece using the crane.
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Our crew at work
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